Support for business incubators Pépinières D'enterprises in the Aosta Valley

Lattanzio KIBS alongside the Valle d'Aosta Region for the development of the sustainable mountain tourism and mountain tourism of excellence sectors, as envisaged by the regional Smart Specialisation Strategy. 

More details

The project aims to make the two incubators in the Aosta Valley main reference points at European level for incubation in the field of Sustainable Alpine Space and Mountain Tourism of Excellence. 

The overall objective is to promote inclusive, sustainable and smart growth (Europe 2020 Goals), with a focus on the green economy and renewable energy sectors, thus promoting job creation, natural risk prevention and the competitiveness of the mountain economic development model. The project started in 2016 and ended in 2020 and saw Lattanzio KIBS professionals engaged in the following activities 

  • Animation and Promotion: activities aimed at promoting the incubator within national and international networks, promoting entrepreneurs at the ideation stage and collecting applications.
  • Start-up Selection: strategic activity of the incubation process, based on the definition of a set of selection criteria with the aim of choosing start-ups to be involved in the programme.
  • Incubation and growth: The objective is to support entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into business plans in order to launch products and services on the market and promote the economic sustainability of the enterprise.
  • Coaching and accompaniment on exit: in order to offer support for the exit of businesses from the incubation phase.

Project Pluses

The main strength of the project is the network of collaboration that has been created with other incubators and innovation centres at national and international level, such as with Open Incet Turin and FabriQ Milan.