Lattanzio KIBS redesigns the administrative management of Einaudi College Foundation

The Collegio Einaudi Foundation, which provides room, food and education for deserving college students, has embarked on a journey to optimize and improve its administrative processes. Lattanzio KIBS has been chosen as a key partner to lead this change in management processes.

More details

The interventions’s objectives are:

  • Identify the needs related to the processes managed by the Administration Office and all other offices of the Foundation
  • Define a new organizational model that takes into account the needs identified in the first phase of analysis and the transition in the management of administrative processes
  • To prepare an action plan for the implementation of the new organizational model that clearly identifies the roles and skills needed for its implementation

To implement the Foundation's management changes as efficiently as possible, the project was divided into five phases:

  • Organizational Assessment, by which the specific needs and critical issues of the Administration Office and other related offices are identified
  • AS-IS Workload Assessment, by which the workloads generated by individual administrative activities on staff are mapped
  • Identification of the TO-BE model, including the definition of a new organizational model that identifies roles, skills and workloads of resources supporting business processes, redefining them in terms of greater computerization and efficiency
  • Identification of a new administrative process management software
  • Definition of a development plan to guide the Foundation in the transition process from the old to the new organizational model of administration processes

Project Impact

Lattanzio KIBS' contribution makes it possible to provide the Einaudi College Foundation with the tools and skills needed to successfully navigate the transition to a new administrative system. The overhaul of the current management system enables the Foundation to improve the efficiency of its processes, ensuring a betterment of the Foundation's administrative capabilities for both staff and resident students.