Lattanzio KIBS joins EU delegation in Sierra Leone to raise public awareness of institution's role and local projects

Sierra Leone is a key partner for the EU in consolidating peace and stability in the region and achieving sustainable and inclusive development. The EU Delegation in Sierra Leone has embarked on outreach to the local population through strategic communication activities in order to ensure greater recognition from citizens and consolidate EU visibility in the territory.

More details

Lattanzio KIBS supports the European delegation in implementing a strategic communication plan based on an analysis of approaches and tools, in monitoring local media for increased media coverage, and in organizing events.

Lattanzio KIBS activities include:

  • Elaboration of the Strategic Communication Plan that includes an update of the current strategy through an initial phase of critical analysis ensured by monitoring activities, evaluation and expert judgment;
  • Drafting a monthly local media monitoring report - which also includes trending topics - to guide media coverage of the EU in print, radio, TV, social media, etc.;
  • Organizing events that relate to EU program activities or cross-cutting issues of the institution;
  • Production of material in EU focus areas and content for EU social media, such as videos, posts, infographics, and ensuring radio broadcasting and publication of communications.

Project impact

Lattanzio KIBS' contribution on raising awareness among the people of Sierra Leone about the activities of the European Union enhances the institution's recognition in the territory affecting greater involvement of African countries to the European mission of consolidating peace and stability.