Communication services for the realization of the Sustainability Report 2021

Lattanzio KIBS alongside the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato in providing communication services and products for the realization of the Sustainability Report 2021

In detail

Specifically, the following activities were required:

  • Conception and graphic design of a new corporate concept (definition of the graphic idea; presentation of the concept, ideation process and layouts; visual and graphic rendering);
  • Realization of the Sustainability Report 2021 (document study and analysis activities; functional reorganization of the table of contents structure; design of graphics in line with the corporate image; review and editing activities; sharing of executive files; participation in progress meetings);
  • Realization of navigable digital version (UX-UI design of a section of the site; study of a web page dedicated to sustainability; consulting and content restyling; preparation of the online version of the Document).

Project Pluses

The Project was not limited to creating a corporate concept for the Sustainability Report, as much as it helped to create a new graphic identity for the Polygraphic Institute to be exploited in all Project-related activities.

Read the news about it: Brand new concept for the Poligrafico