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Milan, Rome, Bari, Brussels
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Lattanzio KIBS: a range of expertise

A system for growing businesses and public administrations

Lattanzio KIBS is a hub of excellence offering integrated strategic consulting services to support the public sector at various levels of the institutional chain and in all geographic areas. The KIBS, knowledge intensive business services, that the company integrates are vertical specializations capable to offer an innovative vision and solutions that enrich the ability to act by adopting approaches, methodologies and tools resulting from multidisciplinary and natively shared know-how within the group.

Organizational analysis, process analysis and change management
Programming, strategic and management control
Territorial governance









EU Programs governance
Programming and implementation
EU Programs evaluation
International evaluation
Monitoring & Customer analysis
Innovative classroom learning
Knowledge infrastructures
Research & Development
EU funded Programs communication
Institutional communication
Visibility campaigns
Territorial marketing
Integrated advisory and project management
Design & Implementation
Management systems
Organizational models