The training of young volunteers for EACEA

The European Union offers volunteer opportunities for young people at home or abroad in order to increase cohesion and democracy in Europe. For the next four years, Lattanzio KIBS will be training future volunteers with the training project commissioned by EACEA.

More details

Educational design, development of training modules, preparation of tests and self-assessment questionnaires, but also organization of in-person training. These are the activities of Lattanzio KIBS for the project alongside the European Solidarity Corps.

A four-year training program that strengthens the participation of young people and organizations in solidarity initiatives and promoting social inclusion.

Registration opened in January 2023 for the training course 'Humanitarian Aid Training' delivered by Lattanzio KIBS. Candidate volunteers who pass the course will be able to participate in the in-person training. The first in-person courses were held in February 2023, in Milan, Madrid, Lyon and Bochum.

Project Pluses

For the Lattanzio KIBS team, the project alongside the European Agency is an additional opportunity to contribute, through training young volunteers, to greater EU cohesion by supporting the principles of knowledge sharing and cross-border cooperation that underpin EACEA's work.