Lattanzio KIBS alongside UNHCR in the implementation of Monitoring & Evaluation activities aimed at the revitalization of the local economy

The ability to understand and respond to the financial needs of refugees is critical to ensuring their well-being and integration. In Jordan, UNHCR responds to the economic needs of the population through the Cash Based Interventions (CBI) Unit, whose purpose is to provide cash to enable economic empowerment of refugees and stimulate the local economy. UNHCR has the objective of strengthening the CBI Unit's capacity to collect, analyze and report data related to the needs, priorities and experiences of refugees. The assignment to Lattanzio KIBS consists in delivering technical assistance to the Unit's Monitoring & Evaluation practices.

More details

Lattanzio KIBS is awarded Workstream 4, related to the development and implementation of guidelines on survey writing regarding refugee financial inclusion. The technical assistance holds the following objectives:

  • Identify refugee needs, priorities, and experiences as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • meet the M&E reporting requirements of the Unit

The activity also involves evaluating the effectiveness of disbursing money to the Jordanian population through the use of digital wallets, both to simplify the distribution of money to refugee families and to build the foundation for greater future economic inclusion.

Project Impact

Lattanzio KIBS' intervention allows to identify key indicators, benchmarks, and targets for UNHCR's work for 2023-2025, capturing key data to assess the outcomes of CBI Unit initiatives in Jordan. Managing Monitoring & Evaluation practices enables UNHCR to act faster on the interested territory and to boost the local economy.