CoP 2020, LATTANZIO KIBS publishes its sustainability report

Our renewed commitment to support the UN Global Compact

CoP 2020, LATTANZIO KIBS publishes its sustainability report

With the publication of the Communication on Progress 2020, LATTANZIO KIBS once again confirms its participation to the UN Global Compact, the transnational initiative for the adoption of sustainable policies and respect for corporate social responsibility.

When dealing with the global health emergency, two main challenges were to be faced: on the one hand, the reorganisation of project activities through ad hoc digital solutions and integration between business units; on the other hand, the optimisation of internal processes, promoting a more cohesive culture, together with brand enhancement, digitalization and an increasingly international vision.

Since 2017, LATTANZIO KIBS has been operating in compliance with the ten fundamental UN principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption, which are already the basis of the Code of Ethics and an integral part of the company culture.

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