Azerbaijan, better access to work for vulnerable groups

Azerbaijan, better access to work for vulnerable groups

Azerbaijan's Ministry of Labor entrusts Lattanzio KIBS with the technical assistance for the Employment Support Project (ESP), an IBRD-funded project to improve access to work for vulnerable groups.

More inclusiveness, more employment 

The project launched by the Ministry of Labor (MLSPP) and the State Employment Agency (SEA) of Azerbaijan aims to increase and promote access to work and self-employment for vulnerable groups. Project target groups are:

  • Beneficiaries of the State Targeted Social Assistance Programme (TSSA)
  • Refugees
  • Women
  • Inactive or unemployed young people registered in the State Employment Service (SES)

Technical assistance services: 5 tasks, 52 months 

Lattanzio KIBS is in charge of project management and the quality of project outputs. The technical assistance team consists of 5 international and 3 national experts. 
The Employment Support Project (ESP) is a very articulated project, characterized by three components and their sub-components, and divided into 5 specific tasks to be implemented over 52 months: 

  1. Implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system to monitor key developments in Azerbaijan's labour market; 
  2. Capacity building for Ministry of Labour, Programme and IT staff; 
  3. Review and update of the Environmental and Social Framework and development of ESF tools;
  4. Establishment and maintenance a Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM), to handle complaints that may be raised by beneficiaries and solve issues that may arise;
  5. Support to relevant staff of MLSPP/PIU, SES/SEA throughout project implementation

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