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Premio Tesi PA
A grant on PA innovation

“Premio Tesi PA” is an initiative promoted by LATTANZIO KIBS in partnership with FORUM PA that has fostered R&D of know-how on PA innovation. The prize for the winning work is 5.000 euro.

The contest is open to all kinds of graduates, who have focused on innovative ideas for Italian PAs during their university, master or PhD path. 


"Il Buon Governo" Award
Research and innovation in the Kazakh PA

LATTANZIO KIBS supports research in the domain of Kazakhstan’s PA through “Il Buon Governo Award”, an international research grant designed to support Kazakh students and researchers in order to foster the culture of public governance. 

The award has been developed in partnership with the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Embassy of Italy in Kazakhstan.
“Il Buon Governo Award” draws inspiration from Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s frescoes in the civic palace of Siena, depicting the allegory of “Good and Bad Government”, one of the most remarkable accomplishments of the early Renaissance and symbol of Good governance since the 14th century.