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Over 20 years of commitment to face the ever-changing challenges of the public sector

Lattanzio KIBS is the evolution of LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI, a company active since 1998 at the time of several institutional processes of public administration reform in Italy.

Since then, both nationally and internationally, we have been developing an approach that focuses on rationalizing and improving processes, professionalizing PA staff, making intelligent use of technology, and building internal skills as an alternative to body renting as a practice to be overcome.

Over time, we have been a magnet for highly qualified structures which, through mergers or acquisitions, have helped to structure the unique reality that we are today.

A key positioning

The project of an Italian hub of excellence offering integrated knowledge intensive professional services was conceived in 2013 under the name Lattanzio KIBS. The knowledge intensive business services of the acronym are the different vertical specializations, professions born from skills developed within Lattanzio, that allow us to propose innovative and quality solutions by adopting multidisciplinary approaches, methodologies and tools natively shared within our company.

Advisory is the initial business unit, focused on management consulting and PA governance, local economic growth, digitalisation and development funds.

Technical assistance is the business unit that offers technical assistance services for the programming, implementation and monitoring of Programs co-financed by the European structural and investment funds (ESIF) in favour of administrations at various levels of the institutional chain (Ministries, Regions, Local Authorities) and in the various roles played in the implementation of EU Programs (Managing Authorities, Certifying Authorities, Intermediate Bodies).

Monitoring & Evaluation is the business unit that has been representing sector excellence since 2018. With a knowledge of public policy evaluation practices unique in Italy and a deep experience in socio-economic research and customer analysis, it has developed models and contributed to the definition and improvement of evaluation methodologies and tools used also by the international community.

Learning is the business unit that offers training solutions for the growth of human resources in public organizations, multinationals and large private companies in Italy and abroad. It is a well-known reference in the sector. It has integrated its offer thanks to digital technology, strengthened by the acquisition in 2013 of a company at the top of the world market in information technology applied to the content, learning & knowledge management sector, and the production of e-learning software and multimedia content called eXact learning solutions (formerly Giunti Lab).

Communication is the business unit dedicated to institutional communication and European funds, visibility campaigns and territorial marketing. Since 2005 it has been involved in planning, implementing and monitoring information and communication activities for the public sector.

The Digital Agenda - among the priorities of international bodies, the European Union and governments in all countries of the world - has inspired Digital Lab's work on e-Government projects for the qualification of service levels for citizens and businesses.

In the field of services for Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment, Lattanzio Safety Quality Environment is a subsidiary company, active since 2017.

Execution, an added value

When designing and implementing projects that require a wide and diverse range of interventions, our ability to offer integrated and tailored products/services in different areas of expertise makes all the difference in achieving objectives.

At Lattanzio KIBS we have the ability to improve the information base for understanding the context, to stimulate creative action and to make change and modernization processes faster and more effective.

We are able to consider every single aspect that affects the results achieved in the implementation of a given project throughout its lifecycle, with a 360-degree view of the entire organization.

The advantage for the client is to have a design that enriches its capacity with respect to the fulfilment of its mandate and the impact required.