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The challenge of systemic consulting since 2013

The growing links between public and private sectors – and their importance in development processes – are leading the company to focus on systemic interventions that require a new strategic approach. This is how Lattanzio KIBS project was born, an Italian hub of excellence offering integrated professional services with a high knowledge content. The knowledge intensive business services of the acronym are the various vertical specializations, which are trades born out of skills developed at Lattanzio that have strengthened over time, even taking corporate form. 

From LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI comes the Advisory business unit focused on PA management and governance consulting, local economic development, digitization and development funds.

Following the acquisition of eXact learning solutions - a company at the top of the world market for information technology applied to the content, learning & knowledge management, software production and e-learning multimedia content sector - the Learning business unit was established in 2013 as a center of excellence in offering integrated training solutions for the growth of human resources in public organizations, multinationals and large private companies in Italy and abroad.

From 2014 the Communication business unit becomes a reference reality for the public sector on the communication of European Funds, visibility campaigns, territorial marketing.

The Digital Agenda - one of the priorities of international organizations, the European Union and governments in all countries of the world - leads to the establishment in 2015 of Lattanzio ICT Lab, which works on e-Government projects for the qualification of service levels to citizens and businesses.

Starting in 2016, the Audit & Risk management business unit, then called Technical assistance, focuses on auditing, internal control and risk management services to assist public administrations in defining, measuring and fine-tuning the management of risks relating to institutional activities and technology.

In the field of services for management systems, workplace health and safety and environment, Lattanzio Safety Quality Environment has been active since 2017. 

Thanks to a unique knowledge of public policy evaluation practices in Italy, and a deep experience in socio-economic research and customer analysis, since 2018 the Monitoring & Evaluation business unit has been a sector leader in Italy and abroad.

A key positioning

With 2020, Lattanzio KIBS completes its range of products/services that are the result of in-house know-how and consolidates its ability to design increasingly integrated and tailor-made interventions in the various areas of expertise. The advantage for the customer is the ability to have a design capable of enriching its vision and capabilities with respect to the achievement of objectives and the fulfillment of its mandate.