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A history of evolving challenges

Origins, leadership, internationalization and systemic consultancy

Our origins: 1999

Ezio Lattanzio, a partner of MAIN management & Innovation, a company created by Adriano De Maio that led Italian consulting in the '80s and ‘90s, establishes the management and training consulting firm LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI Srl.

LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI is created in Milan and specializes in assisting public administrations and public service providers. LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI looks to the future by identifying prospects for modernizing the country system within the process of reforming the public sector.

Leading the Italian market: 1999-2006

LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI takes a leading role in the Italian consulting market, as evidenced by references provided at all levels (Ministries, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and public agencies) as well as the strategic importance of the commissions it is entrusted with. 

The Milan headquarters are supplemented by offices in Rome and Bari. 
LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI becomes a publically traded company. 

2007: the process of internationalization starts

While in Italy the local offices of Turin, Perugia, Palermo and Cagliari are already established, LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI starts a process of internationalization, exporting to foreign markets the expertise already acquired in Italy.  It carries out projects for the European Commission in Europe, Asia and Africa. The percentage of revenue from projects completed abroad is 50% of the overall turnover. 

The company consolidates its presence through operational headquarters and local firms in Eastern Europe (Romania, the Ukraine, Croatia and Macedonia). 

It carries out numerous systemic interventions with PAs and SMEs, supporting growth of businesses and local areas. LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI widens its range of activities, extending from public management to local strategic planning, from communication to ICT services.

From 2013 the challenge of systematic consultancy takes shape

The growing linkages between public and private sector, and their role in development processes, leads the company to focus on integrated solutions that require a new approach. It is a new paradigm, which allows the company to further develop the expertise it has acquired over 15 years.

LATTANZIO E ASSOCIATI changes in LATTANZIO Advisory in order to focus on strategic consulting, leveraging on public-private partnerships, synergies and integrated services.

The group acquires eXact learning solutions – a company at the top of the global market for ICT technologies applied to Content, Learning & Knowledge Management, providing software solutions and multimedia contents for e-learning.

Then, the ten-year experience of the Group in public sector professional training in Italy and abroad, has been integrated through LATTANZIO Learning, a hub of excellence in offering integrated training solutions for human resources' enhancement in public organizations, multinational corporations and large private companies.

In the framework of European funds, complex projects, institutional networking, internationalization processes and start-ups and starting from the experience gained over the years in the communication field, at the end of 2014 LATTANZIO Communication was established, turning into one of the points of reference for the public sector.


The digital agenda – among the priorities of international institutions, EU and Governmentsglobally – leads to creation in 2015 of LATTANZIO ICT Lab, which operates on projects of e-Government to improve services for companies and citizens.

Starting from 2016, LATTANZIO Audit is the company dedicated to auditing services and internal control for supporting PAs in defining, measuring and optimizing the management of risks related to institutional activities and technology.

In 2017, LATTANZIO Safety Quality Environment has been established, a company delivering services in the fields of Quality Management, the Environment and Health and Safety management at work.