LATTANZIO KIBS' headquarters
Milan, Rome, Bari, Brussels
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Lattanzio KIBS, hub of excellence in consulting services for public sector reform and economic growth

Lattanzio KIBS is a hub of excellence offering integrated strategic consulting services to support the public sector and has been working with it for over 20 years at various levels of the institutional chain (Ministries, Regions, Local authorities) and in all geographic areas. With more than 1.000 innovation projects and a considerable wealth of knowledge and expertise, it has received prestigious assignments, both in areas of excellence in which to develop innovative solutions (best practices) and in contexts of institutional relevance.

The KIBS, knowledge intensive business services, that the company integrates are vertical specializationsTechnical assistance to European Structural and Investment Funds, Advisory, Evaluation, Monitoring and Customer analysis, Learning, Communication – capable to offer an innovative vision and solutions that enrich the ability to act by adopting approaches, methodologies and tools resulting from multidisciplinary and natively shared know-how within the group. Today, they are an indispensable asset for managing and implementing complex projects that require a broad and diverse range of interventions, with a 360-degree view of the whole organizational system

Lattanzio KIBS' specificity in planning is its own ability to consider every single factor impacting the outcome of the project in total because it affects the functioning of the public sector and its efficiency.