LATTANZIO KIBS Observatory: SDGs and Italian blue chips

The study results taken online by the sector headings

LATTANZIO KIBS Observatory: SDGs and Italian blue chips

The LATTANZIO KIBS Observatory study on the sustainable development objectives for Italian blue chips shows that, compared to last year, the efforts and work of the listed companies were greater, although there are still many companies that seem to have an idea unclear of the value of these objectives.

The survey conducted by LATTANZIO Monitoring & Evaluation is the result of the combination of the analysis of sustainability budgets, integrated financial statements and non-financial statements of companies, with the presence in four ethical indices (ECPI Euro ESG Equity, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, CDP, ECPI Ethical Euro Equity).

The companies that are most involved in the pursuit of the 17 Sdg are Snam, Pirelli and Eni, followed by other high-sounding names such as Unicredit, Poste Italiane and Unipol, which stand respectively in the fourth, eighth and ninth positions. In the ranking we also find other major companies such as Saipem, Telecom Italia, FCA and Campari.

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